Danta Seminar

When: 15 October 2016
Where: Concord, Sydney
Price: $70 Per Person

This introductory seminar is open to Instructors from all styles and background of Martial Arts!

In addition to the seminar on how to teach and conduct formal Danta sparring you will be provided with the following:

  1. Danta Textbook containing Danta Techniques
  2. Danta T-Shirt for promotional purposes. Additional shirts can be purchased upon request
  3. Danta Baton and Shield
  4. Dinner at the end of the seminar

The purpose of Danta in your school is to provide an additional curriculum resources and revenue stream. Through Danta, you will have the opportunity to grow your school and increase your market segment to people of all ages. Your will be invited to tournaments, seminars and other community building activities, all aimed at raising an awareness to your club and style, and promote your brand.